WEBINAR – Technology as a Tool for Heritage Mapping

WEBINAR – Technology as a Tool for Heritage Mapping


Cultural Heritage is recognised as a precious asset of human being, which depicts his accomplishments over centuries. The need for documentation and conservation of cultural heritage is well understood and specialists attempt is to exploit all possible methods to fulfil this objective. There are several published works and papers, which put emphasis on the significance of the documentation of the cultural heritage locations. However, with new innovations in tools and technologies and the evolving human race, the original concept of the conservation of cultural heritage has changed substantially. The new technologies such as computers and digital tools have opened new doors and unleashed new opportunities in the process of conserving the cultural heritage places. Hence, it is important to review different technologies in order to make the best advantage of these tools in the cultural heritage field.

What is Heritage Mapping?

Heritage Mapping is the process of identifying natural and cultural heritage/monuments of a specific locality for purposes of renovation, conservation and development. Heritage mapping can be done for various reasons -

  • To appreciateand identify various heritage resources.
  • To carefully understand and record a heritage resource for future reference.
  • To generate curiosity on heritage sites.
  • To develop necessary heritage conservation guidelines.

The use of digital technologies for heritage preservation and interpretation is a growing area of interest within the heritage sector. These days it is common that we see surveying and mapping professionals using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) for surveying heritage sites, map roads or terrains. UAVs offer a cost operative substitute with far more flexibility of being able to get into the air quickly and without requiring a logistical support.UAVs also help in improving data collection accuracy and efficiency, optimize workflow.

The various technological tools will help professionals to restore and re-develop the heritage sites in an easier and better way. To know more about how these tools work. Attend the open webinar, "Technology as tool for Heritage Mapping."

Registrations are open till 10th June 2017.

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