Water Solutions

Water scarcity, globalization and aging infrastructure are growing to be major concerns for Water management. Utilities and water providers are being motivated to find innovative and cost effective methods for appropriate usage, distribution and conservation. This has encouraged us to design processes that encourage better water management solutions. Through the water solutions domain we offer a wide range of services like NRW consultancy, NRW Smart solutions, Smart metering and GIS survey.

Enterprise GIS

Image Processing | Base Map | Survey | Asset Mapping | Integration | Application Development


Water | Sewerage | Sanitation | Energy Savings

NRW Management

GIS | Survey | Water Audit | Energy Audit | Modeling | Flow Meters | DPR

NRW Smart Solutions

Metering | Service Connections | Leak Detection | DMA | Study Area


WTP | ESR | Distribution | Valves and Actuators | GIS Integration

Managed Services

Billing | Data Center | Compliant Redressal | Analysis | Revenue Management