Technology Advancement in Software Solutions – A Boon or Bane

Technology Advancement in Software Solutions – A Boon or Bane


Human nature is to make mistakes, no matter what qualification or experiences he/she has as humans are not machines to respond promptly, accurately and diligently. So, does that make us any less? Well, the answer is NO, as we humans have created the machines and technology, it won't be difficult for us to work with them. Positive aspect of technology advancement is that it would make our work & life easier. Combined approach of human & machines has shaped our globe and this is transforming many companies helping them achieve their goals.This article focuses on the
Software solutions utilized by GIBB Africa Ltd.

GIBB Africa Ltd. is one of the Kenya biggest Consulting, Design and Management Company having credentials across the construction industry. GIBB is instrumental in East Africa region and has executed multivalued projects in the region. It strives hard to ensure satisfaction for all its customers.The main Objective of the project was to supply latest Autodesk software and capacity building for the use of applications in project executions.

Technical Approach:

GIBB staff was trained on the technical demonstrations to study exact requirement of the software. Observations helped in simplifying the selection of applicable software's. Staff was supposed to get used to the software and evolvein routine use. But... And it's a big but... if not.. Thenthus it makes a sense investing heavily into software procurement that would not solve the persistence what GIBB management was investing on. Step ahead, ADCC came with a proposal for staff training and further synchronizing few live projects along with the staff. Experts were roped from several domains for technology transfer.

ADCC Impact:

GIBB staff was quick enough to adopt and make use of products. This positive approach of staff helped GIBB management to go-ahead with latest technologies thus surpassing competitors. Some of the other benefits were -

  • Value chain was refined.
  • Efficiency and thus the productivity was improved.
  • Adoption of latest technology supported for market entries.

Hence, ADCC played a key role in education and supporting the GIBB staff in understanding the product well.

Technology Advancement in Software Solutions – A Boon or Bane
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