Municipal Corporation for Property Tax and Infrastructure maintenance

Technology advancement in Municipal Corporation for Property Tax and Infrastructure maintenance through Geospatial system viz., (Municipal GIS)

With the huge increase in urban population and haphazard development Municipal corporations are developing in size and activities. Everyday number of new buildings getting constructed on the outskirts of city and many of the old buildings are grounded and replaced with new structures. Although municipal development plan are in place for administration but constant revision and updates in the structure creates hindrance in the administrative decisions.


Municipal GIS

Municipal Corporation is one of the major administrative offices of the city. Number of departments work mutually and decisions are taken on the basis of municipal law act. The time taken for decision is long and because of which revenue losses are also have to be borne by corporation.

Skilled manpower and transparent administration is need of the hour for any corporation. The revenue tax calculations need to be assigned to correct properties. The measurement needs to be applied correctly without any influence from the owner.

Manual record keeping and their updation is one of the major challenges in this property tax system.

Numerous corporations infrastructure needs to be maintained regularly for effective service delivery, however identification of such assets within time is the main challenge.



Program description

Municipal GIS

Various municipal corporations have recognized the benefits derived from Geographic Information System (GIS) / Geospatial technology and have planned to implement Geospatial servicesin order to enhance the tax collection system. Besides this, Municipal GIS can be used for city information system and for community development, administration, licenses and approvals, planning and monitoring of municipal infrastructure for the city. By executing Municipal GIS projects, First municipal corporation from one of state in india to use Geospatial Technology and join the elite list of corporations from the country who uses Geospatial Solutions for its revenue generation and infrastructure maintenance. Municipal Corporation covers the area of about 210sq km and has about 500,000 properties spread over 136 wards.

Realizing the importance of the concept of Geospatial Technology Municipal Corporation decided to switch over for Geospatial applications i.e. Municipal GIS. Being the second capital of that state, Municipal Corporation took a lead to implement this solution to its infrastructure. As Geospatial application is proving to be an effective tool as Decision Support System in Municipal sector helping in strategic and tactical management decisions, it has worldwide recognition and acceptance.

In the modern world of complex economics, to have an edge it is necessary to have a tool, which carries ability of simulation of the system based on Geography. In the stated tool all types of analyses required from Tax Collector (working executive) level to the Municipal Commissioner (top level) can be done on the desktop instantly. This saves the time and chances of approximation leading to error. In Geospatial system all the relevant data is under one roof so that interpretation relevance is well maintained.

Advantages of Geospatial Solutions for Municipal Corporation(Municipal GIS)

Due to migration of population from rural to urban, the population density in urban townships is on constant rise. Due to this factor the role of any municipal corporation is becoming complex day by day as the requirement of additional infrastructure also rises. Further due to constant population growth it has become necessary for system renovation and augmentation to be carried out in advance to cater the need of quality infrastructure for the citizens at reasonable cost. In addition to this the above technology will increase the property tax collection for the municipal corporation, thus increasing its net revenue.  Hence Municipal GIS projects were initiated.

Municipal GIS

Geospatialimplementation have the following natural advantages in the municipal corporation.

  • Inventory of the municipal infrastructure is best maintained based on Geospatial services.
  • Fresh property data is collected from the site; thus property tax can be reassessed quickly.
  • All the developments, additions, alterations in status / usage etc. taken place in the city since the last assessment is noted digitally through the technology.
  • Once the base work is completed, the future updation becomes very easy.
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure with commercial and technical aspects with reference to future planning and forecasting is made as easy as never before.
  • Maintenance, haulage, alternative options etc. can be planned beforehand thereby saving effective manpower.




ADCC Infocad being a pioneer in Geospatial solution integration is one of the upcoming corporate and has executed many such projects. Skilled manpower for data collection, satellite image interpretation and Geospatial integration methods helps to generate more accurate and correct municipal database for Municipal GIS projects. Quality analysis of data helps in delivering the best results oriented to Geospatial solutions.

Outcome of project activity

In such Municipal GIS projects, integrated Geospatial tools help in creation, maintenance as well as retrieval of the property data along with geo-coordinates. It consists of various user levels depending upon the administrative layers of revenue officers. Exclusive Login credentials protected with passwords are allotted to the officials in view of maintaining data security.

The revenue officer can now take the list of a default property tax owner on a single click, thus enhancing revenue collection within a reduced time period

Potential properties within Municipal jurisdiction can be quickly identified and an immediate tax-levying process can take place using all the tax-influential factors stored in GIS database through Municipal GIS.

Along with taxation improvement, the Geospatial solution offers a quick noting and maintenance of the city infrastructure comprising roads, street lights, electric poles, footpath, manholes etc.