Open letter to Parents waiting for a school bus!

An open letter to Parents waiting for a school bus to drop or pick up a child!!!


Dear Parent,

How much time do you spend or waste at a school bus stop to drop or pick up your child? You must have made numerous desperate calls to the driver to find out if he has already left the stop and then must have chased him to catch it at the nearest stop? (Also making it unsafe for other students by distracting the driver)

At times, we as parents are scared of sending our child by school bus, as we are unaware how speedily the driver is driving the bus, or the route he is taking to reach the school or if he is reaching the school on time or not? These things give us sleepless nights and ponder us to ask solutions for all our child concerns.

Being a part of this techno-savvy society we all are answerable to the above worries.

At ADCC Infocad Ltd., we have considered this problem as a serious concern for parents (being one of them) and came out with a unique solution – 'Smart School Bus Tracking Parent App'.

This unique app will work for you automatically, if your school has subscribed to
'Smart School Bus Tracking' initiative by ADCC Infocad Ltd.


The whole Smart School Bus Tracking solution consists of -

  1. Driver App – installed on drivers smart phone to track school bus ( and to remind him to drive safely)
  2. Vehicle Monitoring web application – for schools to add new buses, new students, and to monitor buses (and sometimes to find and rebuke the errant drivers)
  3. Parent App – the star application to remove all your anxiety and worries. (now you can spend more time watching morning news or afternoon soaps)

So what are you waiting for? Download Parent app from Google play store or Apple Appstore …. But wait first check if your child's school has subscribed to our program…. If not make them aware of 'Smart School Bus Tracking' solution by ADCC Infocad Ltd.

Or tell us, we will contact school authorities on your behalf.

Chandrahas Chaudhari
  • Chandrahas Chaudhari
  • Sr. General Manager (and a parent)
    ADCC Infocad Limited, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
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