Navigation & Digital Map Preparation-Location Intelligence

Navigation & Digital Map Preparation-Location Intelligence


The specific objective of the project is to prepare Navigation & Digital Maps along with Location Intelligence that will be used in Car Navigation Device. The client of this project is AND, Netherland.

ADCC has been working for AND for last 8 years. During this period, ADCC has worked on Navigation Mapping and Digital map preparation of Western European countries like Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain. ADCC has also worked for USA from North America.

These navigation maps are available on various levels, from a scale of 1:250000 to 1:2000000. In Western European countries, ADCC has digitized 15-16million of Km of roads, Millions of Polygon and POI with a broad range of attributes. For North America, additional features like lane information, sign post, speed limits are captured.

Approach for Navigation Mapping:

The client provided various input data like satellite imagery (Orthophotos), Topo maps, Various Atlas which was used for feature extraction and assignment of attributes to various features.

As the sources for attributes are different, dual monitors were used by ADCC out of which one is used for feature extraction and other one is for attribute information like Road name, Road No, Direction etc. ADCC has developed its own tool for feature extraction, assignment of various attributes and quality checks so that the quality of data can be maintained at production level only.

The purpose of using dual monitor is to maintain quality and timely submission of data as per project specification and schedule.

As release date of data at client level was fixed, final submission date for ADCC was also fixed and ADCC always made this in time with excellent quality.

Benefits of Navigation Mapping:

The maps prepared are used as input for car navigation system. The benefits of this system can be stated as below,

  1. Fuel Economy:

    In car navigation system, one can get the extra advantage of getting his desired destination in the shortest time which ultimately results in fuel saving

  2. Time Estimation & Planning:

    With the help of this system, one can select his destination route so that he can get estimated arrival time which is excellent for anybody to plan schedule for the day.

  3. Security:

    Getting lost in foreign country without any indication where you are and nobody to call for assistance but with this system anybody will be able to find his way out of these situations.

  4. Get away from Jams:

    The direction can be specified to avoid heavy traffic

  5. Easy Access to Correct Directions:

    One obvious benefit of the system is getting access to very accurate route to the desired destination


Snapshots of Input, Process & Output:

Navigation Mapping, Digital Navigation Maps, Location Intelligence

Navigation Mapping, Digital Navigation Maps, Location Intelligence

Navigation Mapping, Digital Navigation Maps, Location Intelligence

  • Umesh Hole - Project Manager
  • ADCC Infocad Ltd. Nagpur
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