Name Change

In 1998, ADCC was incorporated and started with its first business with CAD offerings and later ventured into GIS segment offering various products and services. With time we have matured in the business and are moving towards becoming End2End solutions provider and are no more just a CAD based company, we have spread our wings in various domains and industries and we envision a multi fold growth in years to come. Technology has always been revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. There has been a paradigm shift within the entire gamut of data technologies, leading to a fresh approach to how we do things and how people perceive us and have a perception about us, every day. ADCC Infocad Ltd. understands and envision a future where all that we do is even more intertwined and in market we are still being looked upon a Survey & Services Company.

In line with the company's Vision 2022 & P³ (Prithvi, Parivartan & Prayas) initiatives, this year we restructured our organisation, added new board members as well as planning to take on new professional eminent industry experts. Our plans to acquire new talents, technologies like LiDAR, BIM, GIS integration, join hands with new partners, financers, investors, expand our reach with new domains like – Defence, Infrastructure, etc. will create a new image of the organisation in market.

Hence, we identified a need to ensure that our brand reflects our current journey towards advanced GIS & Engineering services, and that audiences understand the full breadth and scope of work we offer. Hence, it was necessary to re-brand and summarize a branding approach that best suited our strategic directions & which would allow us to create a visible identity as in similar way several brands have established in market earlier, few of them you can relate in our GIS industry also.

With a new identity we wanted flexibility in branding of all our services and we believe that the new name showcases benefits of the complete service/solutions range of the company, which now offers itself under a single visual identity and internationally uniform pronunciation. With cumulative global recognition of our services, we required a unique identity and a brand to promise to deliver every day the right way in solving customer problems . These changes in no way, will take us away from the roots and significant history established by the hard work of our founding members; this is to rather build on the solid foundation and platform that's been created for growing to the next level and so called the New Journey of ADCC and every ADCCian.

Join us in celebrating a New phase of our Growth Journey!!!

#Stay tuned for further updates. More details to follow soon.