Hire A Dream Team – An HR's perspective

Hire A Dream Team – An HR's perspective

Have you always wondered as to what is the formula to hire the prefect dream team?

I am sure all of you agree that to hire the right resources is vital and having the balanced team is the way to success. After all you are as strong as the weakest Link .This pondering lead to a lot of R&D, surfing, talking to my mentors and what not and that is what I share with you all!


1. What to Look

Hire A dream TeamPutting together any team can make a difference between stress, struggle, frustration, milled deadlines, poor quality and achieving over and above your target in any way possible.

All Smart Managers should know what to look for a team member. FIND PEOPLE WITH SKILLS THAT COMPLIMENT YOUR CURRENT TEAM SKILLSETS. Having defined Job descriptions, KRAS and KPIS always help. If not it's never too late. Have all these ready to hire right person for your team. Nancy Butler Business Coach and award winning author says "Instead of searching for people that were same as me, I looked for the opposite. The goal was to get as close as possible everyone doing tasks they really enjoy, they are good at and make them want to come to work"

2. When to Look

Dream WorkSmart Managers do not wait for escalations and missed deadline before looking to hire a team member. They forecast! Again Nancy Butler concludes in one of her articles "Do not wait until you can afford staff to hire them. If you hire the right person for the job, they will more than pay for themselves. Once I took the leap of faith and hired the right person at an appropriate level of pay, my business took off very quickly." I agree! It takes time and effort on everyone's part to identify, interview, Offer, On board andretain good talent. So it's logical that one should start looking for the right talent at the right time.

3. Figure it out Once

Hire A dream TeamCongrats now you have figured out to have the right team in place at the right time. Now what? Business owners need to make sure that work is well defined and documented .Almost every function/project be it technical or support has a set of repetitive tasks/actionable items throughout the day, month or year. And if repetitive it needs to be documented. Many people find documentation cumbersome or are lethargic to do it. If so find a good technical writer or groom one and make sure that you have a well-documented system in place to enable a work place with high efficiency and effectiveness. Figure it out Once, Document it and then just follow the plan. Ask all new hires to just stick to the plan. This will also help you not to have a person dependent system.

4. Always Share

Hire A dream Team

It's extremely important that the future of the business is not dependent on any one person, including the HOD/Business owner. Some one leaving a job is not always a factor .What ifsomeone is sick? Or has to take personal time out, a sabbatical, pursue higher education or was unavailable for any other reason. Systems should be so designed that can easily enable others in the team to step in fill their shoes till a replacement is hired. If not the manager has to ensure he/she can perform the duties of the said person till the right resource is on boarded. Regular Trainings and Online software create an environment to support this thinking

To conclude I want you to believe in this statement "Team Work Makes the Dream Work"

Let me know what you think. Comment, like and share!

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