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e-Tourist Guide app - your buddy on the go

As smartphones are making their way into everyone's life, there is a huge demand for the apps in various domains.
Once such domain is GIS (Geographical Information System) in tourism industry. User can rip immense benefits by way of getting appropriate information at right time and place.

e-Tourist App

e-Tourist guide app is an equivalent of tourist guide for a specific city/country on a smart phone. It utilizes spatial and non-spatial data and provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to tourist.



e-Tourist Guide has information on various aspects of the city/country. With spatial data (map) availability tourist can locate the nearby attractions, hotels, restaurants, wifi spots, shopping malls etc. very easily. Route planning would be very easy with a route planner.

e-Tourist guide app
mobile app for tourist


Before visiting any attraction he/she can view the details, photos and even videos to gain knowledge about the place. Videos on different aspects can be viewed to get more insight about the place. Users can even make their own videos and upload to share.


When it goes for finding culinary delights to satisfy everyone's taste, it would be difficulty to find the exact place. Using e-tourist guide, tourist can search restaurants for specific local cuisines and even get the shortest way from current location. Or just call and reserve the table.

 e-Tourist Guide
e-tourist app


While booking the hotel or restaurant it is always an issue to find out or match the exact requirements. Using e-tourist guide tourists can locate the hotel based on price or proximity to famous place. For ex. If one is interested in staying near a beach or a market.

The basic objective of e-Tourist Guide app is to provide various services to tourist so that he/she can feel at home during the stay.

Due to a widespread use of smartphones and internet it is apt to provide this facility on mobile phones. User can very easily access various services provided anytime, anywhere.


e-tourist guide app for a specific location


It would be appropriate for a tourism department or board of city/country to sponsor the app. Tourist can benefit from the app as it will cost him nothing. Tourist department can make use of the app to broadcast important guidelines/messages to tourist.

App can also be utilised for promoting business, services, products of that particular city/country. Government tourist development corporations can make use of this app for promoting tourist activities in their area.


The app can provide interface to link with various organizations in the city and provide a platform to collaborate with other tourist.It can feature crowd sourced contents like photos, videos, reviews, unique experiences etc for the fellow tourists.


e-Tourist Guide app is an unique app which takes advantage of spatial and non-spatial data to help tourist like a city guide.


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