Tourist Experience Enhancer App for National Parks – A Booster for Ecotourism

Need for this app

Many times tourists visiting national parks might not get to see the wildlife they were expected to see. Or they might see few animals but not all the species. Sometimes the guide is also not very keen to provide detailed information about various species. This leads to poor experience for tourist.

Government is also very keen to promote Ecotourism in various National parks of India. There is a need to provide information about National parks, various policies, park timings, booking procedure and rules and regulations.



Now a days most of the tourist are carrying mobile phones. An app is developed which utilizes various technologies including QR codes, videos etc to simulate the sighting experience for the tourist.

QR codes which links to video and detailed information of the species are placed at strategic locations in the forest.

A Booster for Ecotourism


Tourist who is moving on an open jeep can scan this QR code using the app.

A Booster for Ecotourism


As soon as he scans it, a video is played which shows a species in that same area simulating a real experience for the tourist. The video also shows the details of the species.

A Booster for Ecotourism

This way even if tourist is not able to see all of the species available in the forest he can get complete information by way of video.


A Booster for Ecotourism mobile app

The App

An android and iOS mobile app provides various options for the tourist including scanning a QR code. Tourist can get to know about the national park, opening and closing times, booking information, other facilities available in the park, any ongoing events in the park, photo gallery etc.

This app can act as a very good tool for promoting Ecotourism, tourist will be able to know about what is Ecotourism, do's and don'ts inside the park, various policies etc.

App can provide links to various other sites, including online booking portals, payment gateways, etc.

This is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders including Government, park officials and tourists.



Ecotourism is defined as a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education. Technology like android or iOS apps can go hand in hand with ecotourism activities to educate tourists. Lot of emphasis is placed on Ecotourism now days to improve the living conditions of local people such that they become instrumental in conserving flora and fauna of the region. These apps can be instrumental in spreading the word and attracting right and responsible tourists.


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